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The Dreamorgan. And it’s exactly what you might imagine. A giant and
beautiful organ made out of wood that’s played by a hand-crank, cranked 
by an enthusiastic man dressed in a hospitable doorman’s suit. It’s perfor-
mance that teeters between fantastic play and wild experiment. The 
Dreamorgan is a manual carousel powered by parents gently guiding the 
kids around the centerpiece, a stunning convoluted music machine. It’s 
strange and wonderful. We found it parked on a non-descript pad near 
Canal Saint Martin in Paris. One of the stops along its path. Open for three 
days over a long weekend, there was a steady line-up of kids and parents. 
Either someone told you about it or you stumbled on it. An ambitious piece 
that delivers simple pleasure. Like a dream.

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