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Tove Jansson is the author of the Moomin books for children. The books 
are exceptional because the quality of the drawings and Jansson’s use 
of colour really stand out. In them, characters travel through psychedelic
landscapes and move through passages that are literally cut into the
pages. The books also rhyme which makes them lots fun to read.

Jansson modelled the Moomin characters after her friends and family.
Her parents and siblings were artists and bohemians who lived close to
nature and were said to be tolerant towards diversity.

Following her mother, Jansson drew illustrations for Garm, an anti-fascist
Finnish-Swedish satirical magazine. One of her political cartoons achieved
international fame: she drew Hitler as a crying baby in diapers, surrounded
by European leaders who were placating him with slices of cake labeled
Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia.

Look her up, she lived a good life.


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