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Atelier Brancusi

Atelier Brancusi, a recreation of Constantin Brancusi’s original studio
in Montparnasse, lies just in front of the Centre Pompidou. It’s architect,
Renzo Piano strived to reproduce the exact layout of Brancusi’s studio
(before the artist left it to the French government in 1956) and did so in
a beautiful and unobtrusive way.

Inside the voluminous space kids can see the artist’s sculpture, work-
shop and tools through large glass walls. Natural light falls on massive 
chunks of wood and stone. There are also nice places for visitors to sit
and contemplate.

Circulation from the busy plaza outside, through a small garden and
into the museum flows easily. It’s perfect for short inspirational visits.
Furthermore there are rarely big crowds and it's free of charge!



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