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Kids are the future!

Haircuts by Children is a performance by Mammalian Diving Reflex that
involves children 8 – 12 years old, trained by professional hairstylists to
give free hair cuts to the public. This of course involves a leap of faith on
behalf of the participants and a journey through the thrills and chills of

Founded in 1993 by artistic director Darren O’Donnell, Mammalian Diving
Reflex is a research-art atelier dedicated to investigating the social sphere
through workshops, performance events and theatre-based productions.

Mammalian’s projects are varied, interconnected and feed off each other
as they build critical mass. They have staged Haircuts By Children in a
staggering 32 cities around the world. Bringing together people of all ages,
social and cultural backgrounds they collaborate with their audience to
generate new meanings and let the unexpected weave into their perform-

We’ve experienced new insights and feelings at other Mammalian perform-
ances and workshops. The visceral interaction between the audience and
performers is not only entertaining and engaging, it’s food for thought. We
think it’s vital to bring children along for the ride.

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